Thursday, April 11, 2013

Upcycle your Cereal Boxes ...

As you can imagine,I ship LOTS of packages each month ..
At the beginning ,when I've opened my first shop,I used to buy envelopes at the post office-which of course becomes expensive when you need to buy dozen of them a month...So I started to upcycle the envelopes I've received from the supplies I order from around the world :)
But these weren't enough ,so I had an idea to recycle the cereal boxes as my packaging option !!!

At first ,I was covering the box with craft paper,but pretty shortly I come to the conclusion ,that it's a waste of paper to cover perfectly good box with a plain paper ,when I just can open the box ,flip it over and use the blank side as my front leaving the printed side from the inside.
And let me tell ya,it's the BEST idea I've ever had!!!!
First of,my customers LOVE the fact that their outfit arrives in a cereal box
Secondly ,I  RECYCLE
And finally, I make it even better with my original Zentangle doodles on each box,making every package OOAK-who wouldn't want to get a treat box fully customized only for him :)
I even got some feedbacks from customers telling me the outfit  they ordered was fantastic,but the package even better :D

So I think I need to share my idea with you guys .
Here is how I do it
You'll need Cereal Box
XYRON Mega Runner or Tape Runner or both :)
Posca or other brand fine tip markers

So what you'll need to do is simply open the glued tabs of the box and flip it inside-out,
 then glue everything  back on
 Draw some cute little doodles
 (this box was for  my PettiBearKIDS  customer :) 
and using your XYRON Tape Runner glue the SIDE tab back to close the box 

 see how the printed side is inside now
 The bottom tabs are glued

Put your product/ gift inside
 Now run your Mega Runner over the upper tabs to glue close the box


Other sample that went to my women's PettiBear shop
With this package I used my XYRON Creatopia machine to make a sticker out of one of my flower doodles to decorate the box
I choose to go with the sticker instead of direct doodling to cover a tear I had in the box

some other samples of my packages and doodles to get you inspired

Drawing with Sierra-GREAT collaboration with my kid :)
Doodled Cork Board 

Another upcycled cereal box+ a handmade recycled paper "Thank You" card
  A3 ZenTangle art
 Another collaboration with Sierra- she drew the little fishes :)



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