Friday, December 17, 2010

Dreamy painter, visual artist and a graphic designer...Who Me?...No... my dear friend Minasmoke

I don't remember exactly when I meet Cherifa aka Minasmoke, but I sure happy I had!!!
She is very sweet and gentle person and although we live pretty far away from each other (me in Israel as you know, and she is in France...), I consider her a good friend.
I do remember I first got to know Minasmoke through twitter, and as I saw her amazing works , I immediately offered her to work with me-she will do her awesome illustrations and I'll do my best to transfer them to fashion...That is how our little "love affair" has began :)

And why am I telling you all this you ask...Because we work on a new line of maternity and regular T-shirts and tops with absolutely stunning illustrations and I can't hold it in me anymore!
Since I yet to make the actual screens for most of the designs Cherifa has created ,I can show you only a digital mock ups that I sure you will fall in love with...

our soon to be new fashion T-shirts line

And.. here is a beauty I already have on screen,but it yet to be listed in the shops since she waits for her girlfriends :)

Between the Lines

Smoked dress patched with "Between the Lines" print and quilted fabric flowers and ribbons

and you all must already know our Alice in Wonderland T-shirt which is available for purchasing here keep you drooling, I also collected some of my favorites from Minasmoke's shop

My Ikea decorated frames hosting GORGEOUS La Boheme and Sakura postcards I own :)


and to sum it all...

I sure you all can see now why I LOVE Cherifa's works so much and I promise to update you as soon as our new line will be available in the shops for your purchasing pleasure :)
Till then, drop by here for more Minasmoke

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