Thursday, December 30, 2010

My new Business Cards

So,I've got a Silhouette cutter machine for my 29th Birthday as a gift from my father in law and I can't stop being excited about it and finding new things to do with it...

One of the things I had to do for my business was creating a unique business cards !!!

Since I started my PettiBear shop, I'm sending with each order a pettibar cookie.
What is "pettibar" cookie you ask...?!
Well, "pettibar" is the Israeli version of Le Petit Beurre :)

And what is the connection of the cookie to my shop...?!
Here is the story-
My husband’s name is Michael aka Misha or Mishka as I lovingly call him, which translates from Russian as “little BEAR”

When my daughter Sierra was born, she looked just like my husband so everyone called her
“malenkaya Mishka” = tiny bear

At that time, I also opened a local cake decoration business and had mess a lot with sweets :-D
One day ,while standing in my kitchen holding a pettibar in my hand, it stroke me!!!!
The name of the cookie, is the perfect name for my FASHION shop!
“petty”= little
“bar”= treat
BUT...what is the connection again...?
“bar” as it pronounces in Hebrew, actually sounds like “bear”
and that’s how PETTIBEAR was born.

The perfect wordplay!!! The combination of Petty & Bar/Bear...
The name which beautifully combines the two pasions in my life-
my BEAR family and creating little treats for my customers

So for a year now,I'm sending one cookie wrapped in cellophane with each order,but it just wasn't good enough for me.
I searched the web for a creative business card designs and has collected so much great ideas my mind was blown away!
The problem was,I haven't had the ability to make most of the ideas as they required cutting or pressing tools I just didn't have till NOW!!!!

Thanks to my Silhouette cutter,I now can make almost any of my ideas into a reality !!!

I decided to create a unique library pocket with a twist to hold my cookie in-
The front is cut with I PettiBear (at least I hope you do ) while the cuts reviling the little treat inside.
While on the back,the regular pocket fold was replaced with a fold shaped with my BEAR logo and the needed information to get in touch with me :)
I think it has turned out pretty cool-what do you say?

And here are some great business card ideas I collected from the web for further inspiration

For yarn and knitted goods sellers why won't you add some fluff

A card that grows little plants when placed into water made for a gardener or terrarium makers

or this version for you to plant the seeds

And how cool is that for a hair accessories makers

Some vintage touch for you?

scrap it of or pull in out...

or just recycle!!!


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