Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Renovation at my father in law's

Me and my hubby use to be a renovation team-he made decorative drywalls and I was in charge of the design process and artistic wall painting.
Time gone by and he moved on to better things ,while I still do my art and loving it!
From time to time we still getting our hands dirty and tackle with an occasional renovation project-this month we had two!!!
My sister got a new apartment which I help designing and my father in law decided to freshen up his home...
I have taken some before and after photos of my father in law's living area which got a major face lift!
It and his bedroom (pics of the bedroom will follow in a different post) have changed so much I had to share this with you


Plain white walls with VERY old furniture (you can call them vintage since they were more then 20 years old...but, I won't cause to me they were just ugly )


The walls were painted in a Beautiful Antique Rose shade and new IKEA furniture were purchased-
Wall/bridging shelf which connects two HEMNES bookcases and provides space for a large flat screen TV, and a matching TV unit.

I LOVE the Shabby Chic look of these and decided to add some extra touch by adding a tree branch with birdcage decal I designed in the space between the wall shelf and the TV
(*I wasn't the one who had accessories the bookcases though...That was my father in law work)

The opposite wall got a darker shade of Antiqued Rose and a brand new all white GORGEOUS EKTORP Corner sofa (I didn't take any pics of it yet as the wall requires some more Viki's charm :)
I want to hung a really large distressed Shabby mirror on the wall above the sofa and as I'll do that,I'll update the post with some pics of the EKTROP beauty

Curious.... come back for the follow up :)

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