Friday, December 10, 2010

Counting sheep

A few month back in a giveaway thrown by the very talented movezerb ,I had win some fabulous prints from her wonderful shop

Of course I had the freedom to choose which ever print/card I like and these beauties were my choices

The pirate's gospel - Postcard

A few days ago I finally come to make a frame for one of my favorite prints from the bunch -the "Counting sheeps" one ,or as we call it " The Sleep Fairy"
I LOVED making this frame!!!

It was made out of left overs from a wood panels I cut for my silk screen frames.
I already made a couple of frames this way (see my frames for Sabbio's and munieca's artworks) ,but this time I had a little problem...I had only cut outs for 3 1/2 sides of the frame and some small bits and pieces I had to glue together to form the forth panel ...
But,although the frame is all patched out, let me tap on my back while saying this about my own work-the end result turned out to be plain GORGEOUS!!!

I'll let you judge by yourself

*curious about what is written on the little tag that hangs from the twig?
No need to wonder anymore... it simply says in Hebrew "sleep tight,my beauty"
(this lovely framed art postcard is proudly took it's place on the wall above my daughter's bed-that's why we call it the "Sleep Fairy" :)

And now meet movezerb,the talented illustrator of these amazing works-

"... she had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on the common way..."
(Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll)

That quote is totally me,says Elodie !
" I'd love to live in dreams, in weird worlds, with strange and exciting things or people to meet around every corner... I believe my part of childhood is still in me, and I like it" !

"I've been drawing from the very first time I could handle a pencil. I love the idea that everything is possible when I draw, anything I think about, I imagine can come to life on paper".

"I'm currently dedicating my time to childlike illustration and crafts I make from it. I like wandering, online or not, to find inspiration, funny ideas or strange oddities..."
Dear friend ,as I've said in the beginning of my post, I LOVE your wonderful work and wish you to keep dreaming and soak inspiration from all the weird and strange our little world can offer you!
And I from my end, will happily keep looking and adoring your out-of-the-way creations
xx and

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