Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is your Friday black, white or gray?

Philosophical question doesn't it^^ ...
Well,my Friday was Petrol Blue...(don't race your eyebrows...this is the color of a new top I was sewing on Friday :) ,but we here to see the treasury curated by huiyitan featured with my and Minasmoke's new Borée Tote Bag from the PettiSmoke 2011 spring collection

I think this cluster has a really modern industrial feel to it...
I often wonder,if the treasuries we create reflect our personal aesthetic ,so I went to check the style of huiyitan and found a really fresh and modern point of view...

I found myself attracted the most to the "Silky Collection" but did love the Sterling Silver collection too-here are my FAVS

Who is Huiyi-
"My name is Huiyi, a GIA accredited jewelry professional".

"I was first trained to be an interior designer at college in China, and gained my MA in Jewelry Design at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in the UK".
" After graduation, I lived in America for about 4 years and traveled to the U.K from time to time".

"Since June 2010, I have been active in the artisan market as an independent jewelry designer and maker. Recently I have fallen in love with fair trade and conflict free natural gemstones with bright colors, and therefore you will see more gemstone jewelry to join my collection very soon"

We will keep an eye on your new collection for sure :)

Meanwhile, if you would like to hear the latest news about Huiyi designer jewelry, you are very welcome to be a fan of her Facebook Page

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  1. Many thanks for featuring my jewellery shop in this lovely blog!!!