Friday, March 29, 2013

Constructing the Garment

Constructing the Garment

Any sewing project begins with setting up the sewing machine with matching thread
Ready to GO
Shown is a standard sewing foot - I'll need to replace it with my Free Machine Embroidery foot

Here you go-the embroidery foot is all set

I start the hoodie project with the pockets!
In my Hoodie dress design,there are these lovely detailed kangaroo pockets
This is how I make them
First of,I make lots of free motion gathers on a piece of fabric
The pocket's fabric pattern is then placed on the already embroidered piece of fabric and pinned together 

 Ready for sewing together

Trimming the excess fabric to make a neat pocket decoration
Remember the marks I made in the previous post? Here is where they come in handy-
Piecing the two pocket pieces together according to the marks 
 All the layers been sewn together
 Here you go-one lovely kangaroo pocket is ready-now same process for the second pocket...
 Both pockets are done!
Now the tricky part of sewing them both onto the front bodice pieces 
Remember the traced  lines I did using the copier paper?
I couldn't  do the next sewing step without them!!!
These are my guides for straight, accurate and parallel pockets
 The sewing of this pockets is somewhat difficult and requires lots of practice -I tried to show the process,but  the second step of sewing these, is too tricky to take a picture of :( 
First part of the pocket sewing steps is shown 
right side is ready...Now same for the left

Pairing and sewing both of the front bodice pieces together  
Thanks to the previously done marks,this is a fairly easy job
Though, sewing curved sweetheart seams is never a breeze :) 

Preparing the back piece- attaching the belt on
Skipped a few steps here,but basically  I sewed the sleeve's cuffs (shown ) together...nothing special :)

Sewing the front and back together  
 Seeing the finish line lol
What is missing??? 
One is done- cuff was sewn onto the sleeve itself
Now shall do the same for the left sleeve

Working on the sleeves some more-gathering to make sleeve's puff
Piecing together and preparing for sewing  
One sleeve is ready!
Now for the left side... 
Working on the hood
 Attaching a very long twine ,which will help me gather the hood later on
Pulling the cord to gather the hood
Attaching the hood to the hoodie 
Almost ready :)

Zipper and lining left

Changing the machine foot again- now for the zipper foot
 Attaching the zipper
FINAL step-the lining
 Hemming the lining to the bottom of the hoodie
 Pressing and Ironing 

BRANDING  -sewing on my PettiBear logo label 

ENJOYING from the result :)

Dear Avi, 
I hope that seeing the process of making your new hoodie dress will make it even more special and enjoyable for you to wear and be proud of
With  LOVE


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