Thursday, March 28, 2013

The mystery of making a dress...Or how a dress is born

I have this great customer from Canada who was very curious about the process of making her hoodie dress ...After having a quick thought ,I decided to capture the whole process starting from the pattern draft of the hoodie dress ,to the finished product.
This post is NOT a tutorial,but rather a quick journal of a birth of a dress :)
This is how I do it step by step -

First of, I ask for LOTS of measurements!!!
Then the calculations begin...
 I convert all the measurements given to me to metric system and begin to sketch the front pattern of the dress-
 Bust line...Waist...Hips-all according to the size of my customer
 Math,Math and more Math...
After I finish with all my guide lines,I start shaping the details of the design -
shown is the kangaroo pocket of the hoodie dress
 Next-Drawing the sweetheart neckline ...Determine  bust's dart ... Shaping the sleeve hole...Marking the lining
Next is the pattern of the BACK-
Back's dart ,sleeve hole depth , waist belt and lining  are established 
Coming back to the front-
 Tracing  the front pocket
Checking that everything is matches
 Tracing the belt on the back and the lining of the hem
 Drawing the lining of hoodie's front
 Cutting the lining 
 Checking if the lining is traced well
 Numbering all the pattern pieces (it's easy to loose small pattern pieces -numbering helps keep track of everything)

 Now for the sleeve drafting
 Radius of the sleeves  is calculated
Drawing the sleeve's cap 
 Almost ready
 measure twice,cut ones :D
Yep, math classes come in handy in this section of the process

O.K,my Hoodie Dress pattern is ready,now part II of the process begins-
the CUTTING of the pattern


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