Friday, March 1, 2013

Making a Jellyfish costume How To

So as I've told in my previous post,hubby wanted to be a Jellyfish for Purim...
After finishing all my costume orders I found myself making a giant Jelly at 3 AM....thus,the a bit dark photos :)
From what I know,this is the only "making a jellyfish costume " photo tutorial on the web...
I'll post the photos I took with quick notes only,as the written instructions you can get from here 
I made slight changes,but all in all,the construction is very similar
So here it is

Supplies needed :
 * Top hat (in original post  Sombrero was used! )

In Israel,Sombrero is  not a common hat,so I used a Top hat I had laying around instead -one  I made a year ago for another hubby's costume )
 * Foam Board
 * Bubble Wrap
 *Gift wrap stuffing(the shiny kind to reflect light)
* Organza
(In original post Netted Laundry Bag was used- again,no such thing here in Israel,so I wrapped the whole thing in organza fabric)
Gathered tulle fabric  ( in original post Shower Poofs were used to decorate the circumference of the jellyfish's head)
-Also, instead of the ribbons in original post, I used the same organza fabric-just shaped the hanging fabric to look like the "legs"
   * Battery Powered LED Lights (You have to use LED because the regular lights get too hot and will melt your costume!)
* Batteries
 * Glow Sticks
 * Hot Glue / Glue sticks
 * Clear Packing Tape
 * Scissors
 * Exacto Knife

Lets begin
Cut the foam board with your exacto knife to a perfect circle

in the middle,cut a circumference of the base of your  hat and insert the hat in

Pell of the glossy paper (the checkered one is the sticky side that should be upwards ) to reveal the sticky side of your foam board
Make a very long tube out of your bubble wrap

Glue the bubble wrap tube to the sticky side of the foam board creating  an ice cream swirl type shape
Stuff the gift bag stuffing in all the cracks and add your LED lights as well

Cover it all with a big piece of bubble wrap- bubbles facing the swirl and the smooth side up
Cover in all with the organza fabric
Shape the legs of the jellyfish
Looking GOOOOOD :D
Add some gathered tulle all around

And TA DA -went to sleep at 5AM

A day after I added some additional legs made of shredded bubble wrap  and glued the glow sticks in

 To finish it all,I made a HUGE 6 gore tulle poncho and ADORED the result :)



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  2. Anonymous10/1/14 21:35

    Love it well done hon and thanks for the instructions they are brill x

  3. Anonymous2/10/14 19:40

    Thank you for the instructions, turned out beautiful!

  4. With pleasure :)
    Would LOVE to see some pics of the result !!!

  5. Anonymous7/10/14 22:05

    Thank you for the instruction, my daughter is sure to win her school costume contest with this awesome jellyfish. Your work is amazing!!!

  6. Can you tell me how you keeped the organza fabric from fraying?
    Thank you!