Thursday, March 28, 2013

Star Album Tutorial [Imaginisce at XYRON blog hop]

This is my FIRST blog hop with my XYRON Design Team and our partners in crime-Imaginisce 
and I'm very excited to be showing you all how to make this super cool Star Album 

To begin with,you'll need to gather your supplies...
You'll need-
 Imaginisce Childhood Memories double sided 65 lb.cardstock sheets
 Vintage Marketplace double sided bazzill basics paper
 Imaginisce Childhood Memories stickers -

Imaginisce Sticker Stackers -
This Moment 5 x 12 Sticker Stacker
Imaginisce  Chipboard Stickers-
400136  Hide & Seek 5 x 12 Chipboard Sticker 
 Imaginisce Stamps -
400130 Bird Snag 'em Stamp 
XYRON Creatopia Machine 
XYRON Mega Runner
 XYRON Tape Runner
Posca Markers
Pictures of your little ones
Waxed twine about 5' long
Hard cover of an old book you don't mind to cut

Cut 7 pcs of cardstock  in each of the sizes below (total of 28 sheets) 

Cut 2 pieces of hard cover/chipboard  in size slightly larger then 6"X 4"

Make a template for  the binding holes (mine was 4" tall and had holes every 2 cm)
Begin by folding all the 28  pages in the middle

 Layer the 12X4" sheets with the 3.5X4" sheets and punch holes through the layers using your template

Pass each now folded 6X4" sheets through your trusty Creatopia machine
You'll need to pass the first of the seven  folded 6X4 " sheet twice through the machine ,to place glue from each side
don't pill the protective sheet ,leave it on
Now,you'll need to bind all the 12X4s and 3.5X4s together
Begin by layering the two sizes of the cardstocks together and inserting the needle threaded with the wax twine through the middle two holes from the outside in
Cross the twine and insert the needles to the empty holes from both ends
Cross the twine again as you did on the inside ,now from the outside and repeat the steps with all the rest of the 12X4s layered on the inside with the 3.5X4" sheets

This is how it should look when you finish binding the sheets
Now peel all the protective sheets but the very first and very last one of the bind album  to reveal the sticky side
Glue together all the sheets that don't have the 3.5X4" sheets in the middle
Now peel the protective sheet from the  front  to reveal the sticky side and glue a ribbon in the middle  (these will serve as the closure ties of the album )

 Prepare the hard cover (chipboard)  to make a cover for your album
I used an old book's cover I had-only cut the cover to size and hand screen-printed it with a vintage image of myself at a very young age (I believe I'm about 2 or 3 year old on this print )
Run a glue strip over the ribbon using your Xyron Tape Runner and Glue the cover on top of the ribbon ( do the same for the reverse)

Now decorate all the 8X4" sheets-it's important to do so prior the assembling  of the album!!!

After you've finished decorating all your layouts ,run your XYRON Mega Runner  on both sides of the 9X4" sheets and glue the 8X4" decorated layouts on top

Now place to previously glued together  sheets on top of the 12X4" sheets, run the Mega Runner on the sides of the 12X4" s and glue the sheets you've prepared together
and TA DA- you have a STAR album for your little STARS :)

See ya soon


  1. Anonymous28/3/13 15:38

    Love your mini...what a fabulous idea!

  2. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing all the steps too. I would love to make one of these. Wonderful job. It's so cute.

  3. Really interesting and
    cute album.
    Carla from Utah

  4. Excellent tutorial on the star album! Thank you!

  5. What a cool project. Looks like alot of work.

    marg0006 at verizon dot net
    loving Scrapper 101

  6. Guiseppa,Ami,Carla,Barb,Margo- THanks a lot ladies :)

    @Marg0006 DEF!!! LOTS and LOTS of work-but to cute not to make :D

  7. Anonymous29/3/13 15:25

    Fantastic mini. Great tutorial.