Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunburst Crown Braid with Rainbow touches

I love seeing CuteGirlHairStyles's vlogs in the morning-it inspires me and gives me a good direction to the hairdo I want to make for Sierra at this particular day.

Today she posted a tutorial on Wreath Braid/Sunburst Braid I previously showed you here  , but this time I added some cool twist to it :)

Chalked Rainbow Hair

I must say this style is better done on a long hair! 
The first Wreath Braid I showed you was done on a much shorter hair and I didn't have enough hair to go all around the head's crown ...Now almost a year later ,Sierra's hair grew long  so much I could easily make a whole full circle and then some
Also,make sure to use skinny elastic when you make this Hairdo,otherwise you'll have the not that atructive bump :p

See'ya later

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