Friday, March 1, 2013

Israeli Halloween and PettiBear's costumes

Our Israeli Halloween just passed and finally I have the time for some blogging :)
Here in Israel we call the big dress up day- Purim .
Purim doesn't resemble Halloween at all actually- no spooky home decor, no witches or brooms ,no bats , no pumpkins either...Non of the traditional orange and black  colour schemes as well...
Instead we have "Oznei Ha-Man" cookies, favors giving and LOTS of happy dressed up kids :)

Each year I make costumes for Sierra and Sheluvi  (how can I not :D ) and for a few lucky neighbors's kids...
This year Sierra was a Bunny Rabbit in a pink Butterfly Field and Sheluvi was a Geisha

The Bunny coat was made of some leftover fabric I had  left  from a similar adult hoodie I made for one of my best customers
Pink Butterfly field was under the bunny's coat :D
It was so hot this Purim,that I was afraid Sierra will get to hot in her bunny coat,so I decided to sew a cute dress to go underneath as well .
 I had a lovely pink cotton with  little sparkly dots and butterflies print all over laying around for YEARS ...Never  could have find a better use for it than this
 I made the tulle skirt  from a table skirt I previously done for Sierra's Birthday bash -just cut it shorter and put an elastic to the waistline  (upcycling at it's best lol )

Then I sewed some 3D  pink butterflies (left from her birthday as well ) on top of the butterfly print of the fabric  and TA DA -
one HAPPY kid

Sheluvi refused to dress up and the only thing I could do is dress her  up in a kimono I had make years ago for Sierra-I told her it's a dress ,and she went with me :)

The original costume was suppose to be a Nesting Doll coat, (which turned out STUNNING by the way )
but due to the extra hot weather and the fact that the Matroshka coat was made of pure wool, I let it be -she will have the chance to wear it when the days get chiller again (if they will :D ) and I'll get the chance to blog about the coat in another date

My Hubby wanted to dress up as well this year (my precious baby ) ,and decided to be a jellyfish ...
I'll post a full How To in the next post-stay tuned :)

And to finish in a humorous note, here is Me in the adult Bunny hoodie



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