Friday, March 29, 2013

Cutting the Pieces -Part II

This is a continuation of my 'The mystery of making a dress...Or how a dress is born' blog post from the other day.
This post is all about the cutting process - PART II
Let the fun begin :D

Laying the fabric flat on the work table
 placing the pattern onto the fabric and secure it in place (I use heavy weights ,rather then pins)
 Cutting the pattern with 1 cm seam allowance (I use my Aristo ruler as a guide )
 keep cutting
 BACK piece is ready ( I set it aside while I work on the other pieces )
 One of the MOST important rules (for me) in pattern constructing is marking the pieces
shown -placing dots in places where two pattern pieces are going to meet (this is the upper part of the front -the sweetheart piece of the dress )
 placing the front bodice pattern and one of the pocket pieces 
 Marking again (shown the 2nd  part of the sweetheart piece,the bottom one)

 More marks for the pockets (this is the place where the pockets should meet the bodice piece when sewing)
 and some more marking :D 
shown are pieces of  the kangaroo pockets -the ones that are going to be manipulated later on 

Tracing the starting and ending points of the pockets to the bodice pieces (copier paper is used)
 pizza roller for accurate lines 
 this is how it should look after tracing
 second side is marked

Now cutting the sleeves out
 Tracing the dart on the sleeves

Marking the pockets are marked

Cutting  sleeve's cuffs and  back's belt 
 Shaping and cutting the hood

A bit boring...I know :)
After all pieces were cut and marked the real fun begins- SEWING the pieces together

GO to the the next and final post-part III Sewing the garment 


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