Friday, March 1, 2013

Neighbords with benefits

Sierra's preschool teacher who is my neighbour as well, asked me to design Purim costumes for two of her girls -Tal and Anael
Tal wanted to be Jasmine from Aladin and Anael asked to be a Tennis player

I was extremely happy with how Jasmine costume had turn out!
Tal has the perfect face to  go as Jasmine-she is dark ,beautiful and has that needed mediterranean  look to pull the whole costume together

I wanted to go for a corset structure for the top,but Tal is young and shy,and her Mom asked me not to make her boobs pop out to much , so I made it with a light interfacing and without boning

Left sleeve got some hanging chains and dangles (reclaimed jewelry pieces of course :)
AND Tal's head got an extra special hair piece -also 100% upcycled

For the pants,I did a fancy Indian style Harem Pants

She was so GORGEOUS !!
Her Dad took lots of photos of her and send me some to share with my readers :)

Anael's costume was pretty little sporty number
White and purple V-neck top and  Ultra mini A-line skirt with shorts underneath
She was totally cute playing a Tennis player role

Happy Holidays everybody and I'll see you soon

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