Monday, August 2, 2010

Sierra's 3rd Birthday

My little baby is not that little anymore-she turned 3 on the 28th but acts like at least 5 year old one !!! (they grow so fast and are so smart for their true ages...these techno babies)

Of course,I made her a BIG cake-this time I didn't go for a sugar dough,but instead for the tastiest Italian Meringue batter cream frosting. This is actually a cupcake cake-which is great,course this way I could make several of our favorite flavors-
The yellow flower was chocolate fudge ...The pink one, poppy and white chocolate and the purple was my hubbies favorite ,Halva cake.

Each flower is for a year of her life (next year it would be a whole bouquet lol)
Of course I could have make it much more "professionally" by putting it in freezer...wait for the frosting to chill for a while and then when it stiff ,smooth the topping,but I decided to leave it kid like,like this (anyway it's not a "for sale" cake)

We went to our favorite Romanian place "Maayan Ha-Bira" (VERY recommended if you ever come to Israel and want to taste true home like cooked meal )

beans and tongue

It's not a vegetarian place,but for all meat lovers it's a Heaven!!!!

After filling up our bellies,we went to a zoo (a bit ironic,I know)
We had a wonderful time,especially since Sierra LOVES animals

and for desert, we had finish with some play yard time :)

All in all,it was a WONDERFUL day and we all had a great time as a family!

Of course we had to make the whole birthday event all over again and spend it this time with our parents (which was nice,but not as much)
Sierra blew her 4 candles

and we had a great sea food meal

Happy Birthday my little angel!
I wish you only the best of the best and hope you'll grow up to be a beautiful person yet remain sweet as you are now

My sweet princess

Mommy LOVES U !!!


  1. She is so cute! Happy Birthday once again, little Sierra :)

  2. Sooo sweet and she's really beautiful with this homesewn dress ;)

  3. Merci beacoup mon amies :)